Today, every salesmen face with new various challenges that include increasing competitiveness and more dynamic deals. Managing good relationship with customers is also important and prized possession as a salesman. Moreover, customers become more worldly wise and have a numerous demand. Especially for retails and FMCG companies, where proper run of every distribution channel is a must, the right solution plays as the key role to

enhance the efficiency of each sale team in achieving sales goal and company’s profitability.

VIETTEL introduces you DMS.ONE (Distribution Management System - ONE). DMS.ONE is a tool to manage and operate sales activities in distribution model. The system assists to manage the online distribution ranging from the companies headquarter to agencies or intermediary distributors, to sales supervisors and salesman in the market.

DMS.ONE, supported by the latest technology from VIETTEL, providing you with outstanding features which include online sales, monitoring & positioning support, most advanced sales model through distributors, multi-level decentralization to customers and many more. 

DMS ONE Highlight Features

DMS Benefit

- For Enterprises

Improve working quality

  • Effectively manage and control sales activity and inventory at Distributors
  • Closely supervise the distribution system.  Increase business efficiency
  • Continuously and instantaneously update market information. 
  • Effective assistance tools in accessing sales routes, salesperson’s capacity reduce cost.
  • Replace all manual documents by software platform
  • Reduce report activities

- For Distributors

  • Equipped with sales management tool
  • Reduce data input, manually process orders
  • Update orders continuously to assure on-time delivery
  • Calculate promotion programs automatically to limit mistakes in awarding procedures
  • Instantaneously update information from providers
  • Management reporting system

- For Sales Supervisor

  • Assign Sales Route and KPI for Salesman
  • Manage Salesman‘s daily work 
  • Manage Salesman‘s route 
  • Increase Salesman‘s sales effectiveness 
  • Instantaneously monitor the progress of completing sales targets at management areas 
  • Provide maximum support in assisting, educating, and training subordinates
  • Obtain market information and customers’ response promptly.

- For Salesman

  • Effective sales tool: Being active in sales activities (assessing exhibition, obtaining inventory information, placing orders)
  • Looking up information about promotions and products to consult customers
  • Obtain daily, monthly working targets and procedures
  • Enhance responsibility, working effectiveness
  • Enhance the company brand image
  • Maximum support in assisting and training sales staffs

DMS Security

- For Web

  • Protect against SQL Injection, Cross-site Scripting (XSS), Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF), Session Hijacking, Brute force, ...
  • Encrypt user’s sensitive information in the results sent back from server.

- For Mobile Devices

  • Encrypt one-way source code, avoid decoding, data information is encrypted with certificate lock.
  • Mobile server system through API RESTFUL with Token Open Auth 2.0 certificate... helps to avoid attacks from the tool systems other than the applications established by VIETTEL.
  • Protect against SQL injection and tab jacking error.

- For Server

  • All servers are protected by hardware firewall system
  • Application firewall system is placed in VIETTEL’s safe zone, all transactions are carried out via VPN 3G.

DMS Technology

  • Mobility Module: apply GPS, Location Based Service
  • Open Auth 2.0 Certificate
  • Web Module: established on the J2Fee Platform, following SOA architecture •       Apply Java 8, Spring 3
  • Big data operation support with NOSQL: MongoDB, Redis

DMS Support

- Telephone Support:

  • Support 24/7 by email or phone
  • Assist customers in installation, training, maintenance, upgrading, troubleshooting and complaint registrations.

- Technical Support:

  • Gain access and repair software related problems remotely: TeamViewer with the Technical Support Team.