Metfone Lucky 6


Metfone Lucky 6


Metfone Lucky 6 is 6 Digit Lottery game.


There is a daily Draw where 6 balls are drawn at random from six individual barrels containing 10 balls (numbered 0 to 9).


To win the jackpot (Division 1) your entry needs to match all 6 winning numbers in a single game panel in the exact same order as the Metfone Lucky 6 numbers generated.


Division 1 Prize $15,000+


Starts from $15,000 and jackpots every day until won.

When the Division 1 Prize / Jackpot is won the Division 1 / Jackpot will be reset to $15,000 for the next Draw

How To Play and When To Play


You can play Metfone Lucky 6 by sending any 6 digit numbers to 1515

Select Numbers


You can choose any 6 of your lucky numbers

For Example 123456 or 224466 and so on. 

Cost To Play


Play from $0.25 for 1 game.

You can play as many times as you want. Each entry is $0.25 for 1 game.

Prize Divisions


Divisions 1 to 5

There are 5 winning prize divisions in Metfone Lucky 6. Division 1 is the jackpot prize

How To Win


To win Division 1 you need to match all 6 winning numbers. You can win with as little as the first 2 or last 2 winning numbers drawn.

You will be notified via sms instantly if you have won and advised on how to claim prize

Draw Time and Draw Results


Daily 7.00pm

Draw close time is daily at 6.50pm and is drawn every day at 7.00pm.

The Live Draw will be broadcasted daily on Metfone Facebook Page and results of the Draw will be posted after the draw on the Metfone Facebook Page

Official Lottery


Metfone Lucky 6 is operated by Cambodian Government legal licensed Lottery Operator, Lelot (Cambodia) Co Ltd


How to Play


As a Metfone customer you can play the Metfone Lucky 6 anytime you want. You don’t need a subscription.

To play all you have to do is send 6 digits to 1515.



Select Numbers


The 6 digits are your lucky numbers, you can choose any combination of numbers from 000000-999999, for example 123456 or 224466 and so on.



Cost to Play


To enter and have the chance to win $15,000 Jackpot or more will cost for a single entry $0.25.


You can purchase an entry by sending or responding to 1515 with your lucky 6 digits, 0.25 will be deducted from your Metfone balance. If your current balance is not enough you will receive a message to top up to play. You are only charged 0.25 for a successful purchase.


But choose your numbers carefully, once you choose and the ticket purchase is successful you cannot change the numbers or request a refund.



Prize Divisions


Metfone Lucky 6 has 5 prize divisions. The winning combinations and prizes for each Metfone Lucky 6 prize division are shown below.



Division Prizes

Winning Combinations



All 6 lucky 6 Numbers in the exact order they are generated



First 5 or last 5 lucky 6 numbers



First 4 or last 4 lucky 6 numbers



First 3 or last 3 lucky 6 numbers



First 2 or last 2 lucky 6 numbers


Draw Times and Draw Results


Metfone Lucky 6 is drawn daily at 7.00pm local Cambodian Time.


Entries for the daily draw is only available until 6.50pm local Cambodian Time. You can purchase the next daily draw from 7.15pm until 6.50pm the next day.


The Metfone Lucky 6 draws are show live on Metfone Facebook page starting at 6.50pm. All results will be posted on Metfone Facebook Page and winners will be notified via SMS instantly if they have won and advised on how to claim their prizes.


For the current and past Metfone Lucky 6 results you can also view here by clicking the following link.  



Official Lottery


The Metfone Lucky 6 Lottery Game is sponsored by Metfone (Viettel Cambodia Pte., Ltd) and operated by Lelot (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.


Lelot (Cambodia) Co., Ltd was licensed by the Cambodian Ministry of Economy and Finance in 2018 to develop and offer national lottery and instant win (scratch card) for the Kingdom of Cambodia.


For more information regarding the Metfone Lucky 6 Lottery you can view here by clicking the following link.



Terms and Conditions


  • This Metfone Lucky 6 service is applicable only for Metfone prepaid and post-paid subscribers.
  • Metfone users can buy their entry ticket for the Daily Metfone Lucky 6 Draw by sending 6 digit numbers to 1515, cost is 0.25 per successful purchase and will be deducted from Metfone subscriber balance.
  • The winning numbers are drawn daily at 7.00pm Cambodian Local Time
  • Daily cut-off for Metfone users buying an entry into the daily Metfone Lucky 6 Draw is from 6.50pm-7.10pm. No tickets will be issued during this time. SMS to 1515 during this time will not be charged.
  • If there is no Division 1 / Jackpot Winner drawn on the day, the Jackpot prize will be rolled over and added to the next day’s Metfone Lucky 6 Draws and will continue daily until the Division 1 / Jackpot Prize is won.
  • Winners will be notified immediately via SMS and or contacted by the Metfone Lucky 6 customer service helpline 0318000180.
  • All winning division prizes must be collected within thirty (30) days from the date of notification. If the prize is not collected within the stipulated period, the prize will be forfeited.
  • Metfone employees are not permitted to enter into Metfone Lucky 6 Draws.