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Personal product officer


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Metfone Head Office

Job description

'- Monitoring a group segment of Metfone subscribers; keep updating report of these subscribers by daily/monthly, analyzing and contributing ideas for create new promotion/packages or other communication methods, etc. in order to maintain and increase group segment subscribers. 
- Gathering and researching the information (packages/promotion) of competitor and keep updating those package/promotion time to time. 
- Monitoring schedule broadcast SMS for all campaigns and promotion of Metfone. 
- Be able to go outside for survey or research the behaviors of customer about mobile phone services using to analyze and decide for creating new products/services. 
- Perform other tasks as required from time to time
• Determine new product/tariff specifications, packaging, and other solutions that move consumers from time to time
• Define the long term strategy of the product/tariff and create a road map
• Prepare product document necessary to launch a new product/tariff including Product Concept Paper, Business Case Proposal, and Product Development Document (PDD) and product use cases to drive correct product implementation
• Develop pricing strategies and product policies
• Negotiate with suppliers or other related third parties
• Oversee future product development
• Manage and communicate with cross-functional teams to get things done properly and timely

Requirment Detail

- Has acknowledges and experiences related to Telecom Business carries are profitable. 
- Bachelor Degree in Business Carriers. 
- Skilled in Microsoft office (Word, excel, PowerPoint….)
- Language: English (listening, speaking, reading, writing), know Chinese is profitable. 
- Good attitude and good behavior.
- Good negotiation and communication skills, interpersonal skills. 
- Be friendly, flexible, honestly, hard-working, and be able to work under pressure.

Requirment General Detail

-  Age from 20 years and up
- Sociable & friendly in communication.
- Active, high responsibility in working, possible to work in high pressure working environment.


-  Salary: Negotiation
- Working in professional environment.
- A very reasonable salary, all other benefits: Vacation, health insurance – accident.
- You have chance to get promotion in your career, you will be trained about major, management skill in and outside of country.
- You have chance to work in all others company that Viettel invests all over the world.


- Email:,
- Contact point: 023 6200089


- Application

- CV

- Family book, ID card.

- Others certificate