MetFone’s 4G LTE Service Puts Innovation in the Spotlight

14 Jun, 2016

Virtual Reality, Electrifying Performances Highlight Reach of Nation-wide High-speed Service ­­­­­

Each of the ministers, dignitaries, business leaders and tech enthusiasts who attended the ceremony showcasing MetFone’s 4G LTE service last Thursday received a boarding pass – for a flight to virtual reality.

MetFone executives explained that this was more than a signal that the country’s Number One mobile operator remains far ahead of its rivals in accelerating the shifts in technology that allow Cambodia’s economy to continue its rapid growth.

By providing the first world-class 4G network covering all 25 provinces MetFone is allowing businesses to get closer to their customers, as well as save costs and time, they explained.

The speed the new network brings does not include extra charges. The tailored fees for using MetFone’s 4G LTE network are the same as those for its 3G network. The only difference is that accessing the Internet is 15 times faster using 4G LTE.

“Not only does this mean businesses can move faster, but also that Cambodia’s telecom sector has moved up a notch,” MetFone Vice General Director Nhong Dinthan said. “Mobile Internet access is now as fast here as it is almost everywhere else in the region. This can make doing business easier and adds another incentive for investing in one of the fastest-growing economies in the world,” he explained.

The new network aligns with government initiatives to create one of the most competitive telecom sectors in the region, officials said.

Besides being good for business, MetFone also demonstrated that its 4G LTE network is also playful. During the launch, one section of the ballroom at Sokha Hotel was devoted to virtual reality and 4G LTE. Those in attendance were given the opportunity to experience firsthand the benefits swift Internet access has on virtual reality games.

Presentations on the cutting-edge technology that serves as the backbone of the network were also interspersed with performances by the electrifying group 218 LED Dance, which drew spontaneous applause from the crowd attending the event.    

“One of the reasons that MetFone remains the most popular mobile provider in Cambodia by far is that our core focus on innovation includes ongoing investment in creativity,” Mr. Nhong said. “Technological advances are something to celebrate and that is why we chose to showcase this transformative service so creatively,” Mr. Nhong said.

MetFone provincial branch managers said the new service is off to a quick start. Om Tolaroth, director of MetFone’s Takeo branch, said demand for 4G LTE was surging even though the service had yet to be advertised. Other provincial branch managers, agreed, saying they expected the trend to accelerate. The 4G LTE service is an easy sell because it is 15 times swifter than 3G at no extra cost and available everywhere, they said.

MetFone’s existing customers can also get free 4G-enabled SIM cards if they do not have them already, while those using other services can switch to Cambodia’s fastest and most reliable network for free until the end of July. They can pick up their new 4G-enabled SIM cards, which include 1 free gigabyte of data, at any of MetFone’s 122 showrooms and more than 200 agents nationwide until the end of July.