Loan Service

Loan Service

Loan is the service which prepaid subscribers can loan money into their account when their balance is low (Basic and promotion account fewer than 03 cents).

Service Fee:

  • Service Fee of 5 cents for 30 cents* 

How to use:

  • To request Loan 30 cents, dial  *888*30# 
  • Customer can check loan history by send C to 888  

Terms and conditions: 

  • Loan money 30 Cents into basic account and service fee 5 Cents
  • The subscriber activate 02 ways and must have top up >= 6 times (Count at least 6 times within 6 months) in the past 6 months, by Scratch Card, Emoney, Wing, Anypay, Bank Utility …
  • The subscriber must have basic balance fewer than 03 Cents
  • If customer in debt can’t loan more time
  • After customer payback successfully, they can loan again if have enough condition above
  • After customer loan successful, system will be add validate for using 01 day plus on current validate using day of customer.