1. What is Metfone Privilege?

Metfone Privilege is a unique program to satisfy customer who are using in high or medium ARPU level in order to take care and attract customer in variety way for using more service of Metfone.

  1. Program Policy
    Members of Metfone Privilege program are ranked based on points accumulated in 12 months preceding the month that the customer ranking is being reviewed.

  2. Ranking members:
    1. Scoring Method:
      • Total points that a member accumulates by using charged services of Metfone in 12-month. It is used to set the class for members and exchange for reward.
      • All spending 0.1$ (10cent) = 1 point. (1$ = 10 points)
      • Postpaid sub: Score calculated based on monthly bill (include VAT)
      • Prepaid sub: Score calculated based on the top up amount to basic account by card, any pay, wing, Emoney.
    2. Guide support to exchange score:
      • Look up Score and rank: CHECK send to 1818
      • Exchange score: CHANGE<  > exchange points send to 1818
      • Update information:  Update#Name#BOD dd/mm/yyyy#address send to 1818
      • For assistance: Help send to 1818
  3. Corporate Partner

For more information: 1777 or 0979097097