4EVER LETS YOU MAKE AND RECEIVE CALLS FOREVER. The expiration date is reset every 60 days if the subscriber makes or receives a call or SMS, or uses the internet. 

To subscribe 4EVER Plan, dial  *115*1#

Within network call

5.5 cents/min


7.5 cents/min 


Across network call

8 cents/min 


9 cents/min 


Within network SMS 2.5 cents/SMS
Across network SMS 5 cents/SMS

Top-up Bonus:

We giving you 3X the opportunity to grab these bonuses! Your first and second top ups reward you with an added total of 600% of your top up value. Your third top up amount rewards you with a bonus of an added total of 1000% of your top up value!

Top Up Bonus 1st Top Up 2nd Top Up 3rd Top Up
On-Net Calls 200% 200% 400%
On-Net SMS  100%  100% 200%
Internet 300%  300% 400%
Total 600%  600% 1000%


Way to top up: Dial  *198*Scratch card number#



  • Bonus 600%: You refill  1USD 6USD 40 Minutes + 50SMS  150MB
  • Bonus 1000%: You refill 1USD 10USD = 80 Minutes + 100SMS  + 300MB


  • Validity of bonus based on top-up amount. Unused bonus will be not preserved and will be cleared upon expiration
  • Basic balance (198) will be reserved only within 7 days from expired date.

Exchange promotion

Get 30X more with Exchange money promotion! Your 1 USD can be exchanged for 30 USD to call, SMS and surf the internet on your phone

Main Balance Exchange for Activation Validity
Own Account Other’s Account*
20 cents 3 USD *167*20# *167*Phone number*20# 1 day
50 cents 9 USD *167*50# *167*Phone number*50# 2 days
1 USD 30 USD *167*100# *167*Phone number*100# 4 days
2 USD 60  USD *167*200# *167*Phone number*200# 8 days



  • Exchange 1USD 30USD 600 Minutes (10 hours) = 1500MB
  • Exchange 2USD 60USD 1200 Minutes (20 hours) = 3000MB


  • The exchange amount can be used for On-net calls and On-net SMS and Internet.
  • * 1cent service fee will be charged to your account for any exchange transactions to any other account.‚Äč

Terms and Conditions

  • Bonus can be used for calls, SMS within Metfone’s network and for internet. Unused Bonus will be not preserved and will be cleared upon expiration.
  • Subscriber can change for FREE from 4EVER to other plan, if subscriber not yet change any plan and change the 2nd time will be charged 30cents/time. For basic account is reserved and all Promotion accounts are cleared.