We now use more and more internet, with 3 times more data consumed than in 2012.
If you care about speed, you will care about 4G LTE, a new superfast way to use internet.
It's 15x times faster than 3G technology.












Up to 50Mbps download, so you'll spend less time waiting and browse faster.
We've got 4G covered up to 90% of urban area of Cambodia. So now you can enjoy superfast mobile internet in all 25/25 provinces.
Faster does not mean more expensive. Metfone 4G will be just the same price as 3G and it is the cheapest so far.
We got 87 showrooms and up to 200 agents across the country where you can easily change or get new 4G SIM.


We bring you faster speed data, with same price with 3G plans. Pick the right plan from as little as 100 MB to massive 20GB or you can exchange money (dial *167*100#) to enjoy 4G services.
500MB 1.2GB 2GB
1$ 2$ 3$
MI5 MI10 MI20
4GB 8.5GB 20GB
5$ 10$ 20$
Dial *133# and choose the desired packages.


Stay in the coverage of 4G
Use 4G enable smartphone
Compatible 4G smartphones include iPhone 6 and newer, Galaxy S6 and newer, and other 4G supported phones.
Get new or change to 4G SIM
Dial *133# and choose the internet package
Enable 4G LTE connection on your phone settings



Metfone showroom
Metfone agent
Name Address City Hotline
BAN01-Sereisophorn Korothan village, Preah ponlea commune, Serei Sophorn District, Banteay Mean Chey provinces Banteay Mean Chey 546201168
BAN02-Ochruv Kbal spean commune, Ochruv distric, Poay piet City, Banteay Mean Chey provinces Banteay Mean Chey 546202168
BAN03-Mongkul borei Russey kroak commune,mongkol borey district, Banteay Mean Chey Provinces Banteay Mean Chey 546203168
BAN04-Malai Malai Commune, Malai District, Banteay Mean Chey Provinces Banteay Mean Chey 717000168
BAN05-Thmor Pouk Thmor pouk commune, thmor pouk district, Banteay Mean Chey provinces Banteay Mean Chey 546207168
BAN06-phresh net phresh Chopvari Commune,phresh net phresh District, Banteay Mean Chey Provinces Banteay Mean Chey 546208168
BAT01-Battam bang Svay Pao commune, BattamBang district, BattamBang Provinces Battambang 536201168
BAT05-Bavel Bavel commune, Bavel district, Battambang Provinces Battambang 536205168
BAT15-Pailin #556, St57, group I, Otapukler Village, Pailin provinces Pailin 556201168
CHA01-Kampong Cham veal vong, kampong cham, kampong cham, kampong cham Kampong Cham 426201168
CHA02-Chamkaleu tnal bek, svay teab, chamkaleu, kampong cham Kampong Cham 426202168
CHA04-Soung soung Commune, tbong khmom District, Kampong cham Kampong Cham 426204168
CHA05- Memot tbong wat village, memot commune, memot District, kampong cham Provinces Kampong Cham 426205168
CHA06-Prey Chhor prey toteung commune, prey chhor district, kampong cham Kampong Cham 426206168
CHA10-Ponheakrek  Chimorn Market, Krek commune , Ponheakrek district, Kampong Cham Kampong Cham 426218168
CHA13- Dombe dombe commune, dombe District, kampong cham Kampong Cham 426220168
CHA015- Prek kok prek kok commune, steung trang district, kampong cham Kampong Cham 426215168
CHH05-Kampong Chanang Ti Pir Commune ,Khsam district ,Kampong Chhnang Kampong Chnang 266205168
CHH02-Kampong Trolach kaort village,Peani Commune,Kampong Trolach District, Kampong Chnange provinces Kampong Chnang 266202168
CHH03-Bonley Ponley village, Ponley commune ,Baribour District , Kampong provinces Kampong Chnang 0979074744 ,0266203168
KAM01-Kampong Bay KRANG Commune, KRANG AMPIL district ,KAMPOT Kampot 336201168
KAM02-Kampong Trach KAMPONG TRACH Commune, KAMPONGTRACHKHANGKERT District, KAMPOT Kampot 336212168
KAM03-Tukmeas BANTEAYMEAS Commune,TUKMEAS District, KAMPOT Provinces Kampot 336202168
KAM08- CHUK CHUK Commune, CHUK District, KAMPOT Kampot 336208168
KAN01-Takhmao Takhmao commune, Takhmao city, Kandal Provinces Kandal 246201168
KAN04-Ang Snoul Bek Chan commune, Ang Snuol district, Kandal Provinces Kandal 246204168
KAN05-Koki Koki Commune, Kian Svay Districk, Kandal Provinces Kandal 246205168
KAN06- Koh Thom Prek Thmey Commune, Koh Thom District, Kandal Provinces Kandal 246206168
KAN08-Leuk Deak Preak Tonloab Commune, Leuk Deak District, Kandal Kandal 246208168
KAN011-Khsach Kandal Prek Tamak commune, Khsach Kandal district, Kandal Kandal 246211168
KOH01-Smach Mean Chey Smach Mean Chey commune, Smach Mean Chey district, Koh Kong Kohkong 356201168
KOH03-Srae Ambel Srae Ambel commune, Srae Ambel district, Koh Kong Kohkong 356203168
KRA01- Kratie KRATIE  town  Kratie 726201168
KRA02-Chlong Chhlong commune, chhloung district, Kratie Provinces Kratie 726202168
KRA03-Snoul Snounl commune, Snoul district, Kratie provinces Kratie 726203168
MON01-Senmonorom Chambuk Village,Speanmanchecy Commune,Senmonoroom  District,Mondulkiri Province Modol Kiri 736201168
MON02-Keosima Chong plasVillage, sre khtum Commune,keo sima District,Mondulkiri Province Modol Kiri 736202168
ODD01-Samrong Samrong village,samrong commune,samrong district, Oddor Meang Chey Province Oddor Mean Chey 886667489
ODD02- Anlong Veng Anlongveng village, Anlongveng commune,anlongveng district,Oddor Meang chey province Oddor Mean Chey 886333788
PNP01-Phsar thmey #151I, St 154, S/Phsar Thmey I, K/Doun Penh, PNP(Doun Penh) Phnom Penh 0236205168
PNP11-Toul Svay Prey #199 , st 245 , sangkat toulsvay prey , khan chamkamorn , Phnom Penh  Phnom Penh 0236200174, 0236216168
PNP02-Boeng Salang # 117 A , st 271 , sangkat boeng salang , khan toul kork , Phnom Penh  Phnom Penh 0236203168
PNP012-Stung Meanchey #3B-4B, ST 217, S/STUNG MEAN CHEY, K/STUNG MEAN CHEY, PNP (In front Super Market Stung Mean Chey) Phnom Penh 0236225168
PNP05-TekThla #2AB, ST RUSSEI, S/TEKTHLA, K/SANSOK, PNP (Toekthla) Phnom Penh 0236200170, 0236200166
PNP08-Jroy Jongva #11,13, ST70, S/SRASCHORK, K/DOUNPENH, PNP (Chroychong Va) Phnom Penh 0236208168, 0236200169
PNP07-Airport Phnom Penh International Pnhom Penh Airport Phnom Penh
PRE01-Kampong Leav Kampong Leav Commune, Kampong Leav District, Prey Veng Province Prey Veng 436201168
PRE02-Peam Ro Preak Shsay Kha Commune, Peam Ro District, Prey Veng Province Prey Veng 436202168
PRE04-Kampong Trobeck Prasat Commune, Kampong Trobeck District, Prey Veng Province Prey Veng 436204168
PRE05-Peareang Roka Commune, Peareang District, Prey Veng Province Prey Veng 436205168
PRE011-Kamchay Mea Kronhung Commune, Kachay Mear, Prey Veng Province Prey Veng 436211168
PRH01-Tbeang Mean Chey Anhdong Pou commune,Tbeang Mean Chey District,Prea Vihear Preah Vihea 646201168
PRH02-Rovieng Tang Trok village, Robieb commune, Rovieng district, Preh Vihear Preah Vihea 646202168
PRH03-Choam Ksan Choam Ksan commune,Choam Ksan district,Preah Vihear Preah Vihea 646203168
PRH04- Sro em Sro em Commune,Choam Ksan District,Preah Vihear Preah Vihea 646204168
PRH08-Chhaeb  Mlu Prey Muoy Commune, Chhaeb District, Preah Vihear Preah Vihea 646208168
PUR01-Sampov Meah Phteah Prey Commune,Sampov Meas District .Pursat Pursat 526201168
PUR02-Krakor Anlong Tnaot commune, Krakor district, Pursat Pursat 526202168
PUR04-Bankan Boeng Khnar commune, Bakan district, Pursat  Pursat 526204168
ROT01-Banlung Village Chey Chum Neas, Sangkat Labanseak, Banlung City, Ratanakiri Province Rotanakiri 0756201168
ROT02-Borkeo Village I, Sangkat Laminch, Borkeo District, Ratanakiri Province Rotanakiri 0756202168
SIE02-Svaydongkom MondolI Village,Svaydongkom Commune,Siem Reap District, Siem Reap Province Siem Reap 0636201168/0636202168
SIE06-Domdek Domdekthmey Village,Sotnikom Commune,Domdek District,Siem Reap Province Siem Reap 636220168
SIE Airport Siem Reap Siem Reap International Airport Siem Reap 0
SIH01-Mittapheap Sangkat4 , Mittapheap, Sihanouk ville Sihanuk  346201168
SIH04-Veal Renh Veal renh commune, Prey nop district Sihanouk ville Sihanuk  346204168
SPE01-Chbarmon Krang Poltep Village, Rorkathom Commune, Chbarmon District, Kampong Speu Province. Kampong Spe 256201168
SPE03-Kong Pisey Tram Kna Village, Snom Kroper Commune, Kong Pisey District, Kampong Speu Province. Kampong Spe 256204168
SPE07-Aoral Krang Thom Village,Sangke Satab Commune, Aoral District, Kampong Speu Province Kampong Spe 256207168
SPE08-Samrong Tong Prey Kuy Village, Tropang Korng Commune, Samrong Tong District, Kampong Speu Province. Kampong Spe 256208168
STU01-Stung Treng tropeng pring village, stung treng comnunce, stung treng distric, stung treng province. Stung Treng 746201168
STU03-Siem Pang seim pang village, se kong comnune, siem pang distric, stung treng province. Stung Treng 746203168
STU05-Kbal Romeas chrop village, kbal romeas comnune,sesam distric, stuing treng province. Stung Treng 746204168
SVA01-Svay Reang Svay Rine g Communce ,Svay Rieng District, Svay Rieng Province  Svay Reang 446201168
SVA02-Chantrea Bavet Communce ,Chantrea District ,Svay Rineg Province  Svay Reang 446202168
SVA03-Svay Teab Chrokmtes Communce ,Svay Teab District ,Svay Rieng Province Svay Reang 446203168
SVA04-Romeas Hek Kompong Trach Communce ,RomeasHek District ,Svay Rieng Province  Svay Reang 446204168
TAK01-Doun Keo Thnalbek village,Rokakrao commune, Doun Keo district, Takeo Province Takeo 326200168
TAK02-Tramkak Angtasom village,Angtasom commune,Tram kak district,Takeo Province Takeo 326202168
TAK03-Bati Chork village,Tropang sap commune,Bati district,Takeo Province Takeo 326203168
TAK05-Kiri Vong Kompong village,Preakbat chonchum commune,Kiri Vong district,Takeo Province Takeo 326205168
TAK08-Koh Angdet Romenh Khang Cherng village,Romenh commune,Koh Angdet district,Takeo Province Takeo 326208168
THO01-Stung Sen Khdey Village, Sangkat Prey Tahou, Stung Sen City, THO Kampong Thom 626201168
THO02-Baray Preytatrav village, Kampong thmor commune, Baray Dist, THO Kampong Thom 626202168
THO04-Stourng Cheteal village,Kampong Chin commune,Stoung District,THO Kampong Thom 626204168
THO05-Brasat sambo Kompong Chheuteal Village, Sombo Commune, Brasatsombo District, THO Kampong Thom 626205168
THO09-Sandann Kampong trobeak Village, Sondann Commune, Sondann District, THO Kampong Thom 626209168
kann dy por Koub, Ou Chrov, Banteay Meanchey Banteay Meanchey 090421999
lor pherun Malai, Malai, Banteay Meanchey Banteay Meanchey 0716666348
Yan Karo Treas, Svay Chek, Banteay Meanchey Banteay Meanchey 0978133303
Se La Kumru, Thma Puok, Banteay Meanchey Banteay Meanchey 0717069111
SMIT VANNAK Srah Chik, Phnum Srok, Banteay Meanchey Banteay Meanchey 0882233323
SRENG SOVATH Preaek Norint commune, Aek Phnum district, Battambang  Banteay Meanchey 0889729168
Sean Srey Kaoh Chiveang, Aek Phnum, Battambang Battambang 68590999
Chhon Hout Ta Sanh, Samlout, Battambang Battambang 975999168
Bun Thai Santepheap, Sampov Lun, Battambang Battambang 0885333365
NEAK SORPHORN Pech Chenda, Phnum Proek, Battambang Battambang 0976258168
Heng Lyheang Sala Krau, Sala Krau, Pailin City Pailin 313242168
CAMBODIA PHONE SHOP Pailin, Pailin, Pailin City Pailin 0719316333
LEANG BUNTHOECK Moung, Moung Ruessei, Battambang Battambang 0979999046
TONG SREYSDAENG Preah Phos, Koas Krala, Battambang Battambang 0976414448
ROIN SARAY Ta Pung, Thma Koul, Battambang Battambang 0885332233
TY VUTHY Bavel, Bavel, Battambang Battambang 0888342828
CHUM SARAN Boeng Reang, Kamrieng, Battambang Battambang 0885354567
Heng Tola Sdau, Rotonak Mondol, Battambang Battambang 0977844486
THAI LONG Phnum Sampov, Banan, Battambang Battambang 0975044448
IN Pech Phnum Sampov, Banan, Battambang Battambang 0888388820
CHHEANG PISITH Boeng Reang, Kamrieng, Battambang Battambang 067273373
Phat pheara Svay Teab, Chamkar Leu, Kampong Cham Kampong Cham 0977777251
Chhun Simauy Ph av, Batheay, Kampong Cham Kampong Cham 0978817991
sok kong Suong, Tboung Khmum, Kampong Cham Kampong Cham 0886583666
Thou Chanra Memot, Memot, Kampong Cham Kampong Cham 979192015
Heng Ly Chrey Vien, Prey Chhor, Kampong Cham Kampong Cham 0972888778
Koem Longdy Peam Chi Kang, Kang Meas, Kampong Cham Kampong Cham 888404030
YUK SOPHEAK Preaek Pou, Srei Santhor, Kampong Cham Kampong Cham 0719608111
Heng Sokkheang Kaong Kang, Ponhea Kraek, Kampong Cham Kampong Cham 0977037009
Chou Meng Keang Kraek, Ponhea Kraek, Kampong Cham Kampong Cham 0975557778
Chhan Sokna Ampil Ta Pok, Ou Reang Ov, Kampong Cham Kampong Cham 0886663878
Hong Sovann Peam Prathnuoh, Kaoh Soutin, Kampong Cham Kampong Cham 0884477884
thy chenda Dambae, Dambae, Kampong Cham Kampong Cham 0884782222
LEANG CHHAILIM Sralab, Tboung Khmum, Kampong Cham Kampong Cham 0715652224
AT THANICH Tramung, Memot, Kampong Cham Kampong Cham 0715293338
HENG HENG Bos Khnaor, Chamkar Leu, Kampong Cham Kampong Cham 0719099168
Soeun Pisey Soutip, Cheung Prey, Kampong Cham Kampong Cham 0888888232
Ream Sarath Soutip, Cheung Prey, Kampong Cham Kampong Cham 0319993322
Ly Heab   Kampong Cham 0712233232
uk suy meng Tang Krang, Batheay, Kampong Cham Kampong Cham 068992226
Nhem Bory Dar, Memot, Kampong Cham Kampong Cham 974474444
Tang sreynin Ampil Ta Pok, Ou Reang Ov, Kampong Cham Kampong Cham 977999956
DINN VISAL no Kampong Chhnang 067999967
Tam Soh Akphivoadth, Tuek Phos, Kampong Chhnang Kampong Chhnang 0717233666
Ros Chan Svay Chuk, Sameakki Mean Chey, Kampong Chhnang Kampong Chhnang 0977842828
Kong chan dy Kampong hau, Kampong Leaeng, Kampong Chhnang Kampong Chhnang 0974440432
srey neang Ponley, Baribour, Kampong Chhnang Kampong Chhnang 0979303838
CHAN LYNA Andoung Snay, Rolea B'ier, Kampong Chhnang Kampong Chhnang 717853399
sang kosal Chhnok Tru, Baribour, Kampong Chhnang Kampong Chhnang 0977595555
Duong Sopheak Preaek Tnaot, Kampot, Kampot Kampot 0885539966
Phou Neng Prey Thum, kaeb, Krong Kep Kampot 0887887687
Be Sokvy Kampong Trach Khang Kaeut, Kampong Trach, Kampot Kampot 0977304878
Toem Sea Tuk Meas Khang Lech, Banteay Meas, Kampot Kampot 0974438797
SAM SOPHAL Tani, Angkor Chey, Kampot Kampot 0973936660
Toeb Phors Trapeang Reang, Chum Kiri, Kampot Kampot 0716166661
kong vutha Chhuk, Chhuk, Kampot Kampot 0972399933
Loeung Puthy Dang Tong, Dang Tong, Kampot Kampot 0888847787
Ieng Ravoth O krosa, Damnak Changaeur, Krong Kep Kampot 0973866672
Sok Sambath  Kampongbay kampongbay Kampot Kampot 0715875000
Vaeuy Vannak Tuk Meas Khang Lech, Banteay Meas, Kampot Kampot 0978904044
Bun Somnang Bonteay meas somrong lue Kampot Kampot 0886600003
math pich kry  no Kampot 0889125825
hou maly  Kampong Trach Khang Kaeut, Kampong Trach, Kampot Kampot 0889288899
sles sary  Prey Thnang, Kampot, Kampot Kampot 060256699
soum chet kaeb Kampot 0973787545
NGIN PA OUN kampong Bay Kampong Kondal Kampot Kampot 068448655
POR BUNLY Keb Keb Krong Kep Kampot 0972488168
CHORN PONLORK AngKor chey Kampot Kampot 090828484
SENG SARATH Preaek Kroes, Kampong Trach, Kampot Kampot 0889972288
Keo Sony Andoung Khmaer, Kampong Bay, Kampot Kampot 0889972288
morm theavy Kampongbay kampongbay Kampot Kampot 0889972288
Lang ratha Prek Koy, Sa Ang, Kandal kandal 318100168
heng dara Boeng Khyang, Kandal Stueng, Kandal kandal 66333075
chheng sothea Preaek Ta Meak, Khsach Kandal, Kandal kandal 718228181
kung kimmong Baek Chan, Angk Snuol, Kandal kandal 0889183777
jet saren Kong Noy, Kandal Stueng, Kandal kandal 717449667
chin sophin Banteay Daek, Kien Svay, Kandal kandal 887122555
DOUNG CHANSOPHEAK Dei Edth, Kien Svay, Kandal kandal 0976226969
chea rum Sampov Lun, Kaoh Thum, Kandal kandal 0977415777
lounhkunthy Preaek Anhchanh, Mukh Kampul, Kandal kandal 0714987711
AN CHANN KONG KHEA Srae Ambel, Srae Ambel, Koh Kong Koh Kong 0718500002
LY SIKHENG Srae Ambel, Srae Ambel, Koh Kong Koh Kong 0884555777
Chhaileang sreynich Snuol, Snuol, Kracheh Kratie 0885454552
Nheok Meak Sambour, Sambour, Kracheh Kratie 972626825
Chheang Sokunthea Preaek Prasab, Preaek Prasab, Kracheh Kratie 0888844484
Heng Seng Hourn Chhloung, Chhloung, Kracheh Kratie 0712444416
prak sok nov Me Mang, Kaev Seima, Mondul Kiri Mondulkiri 975701702
San sinoeun Srae Khtum, Kaev Seima, Mondul Kiri Mondulkiri 0978818178
Ith sopheak Srae Khtum, Kaev Seima, Mondul Kiri Mondulkiri 0979222242
Kry sreng Ou Buon Leu, Kaoh Nheaek, Mondul Kiri Mondulkiri 0978934444
Hoa sophat Ou Smach, Samroang, Otdar Meanchey Oddor Meanchey 0972688883
Hov Sarith Chong Kal, Chong Kal, Otdar Meanchey Oddor Meanchey 0977727787
Ky Bunhong Anlong Veaeng, Anlong Veaeng, Otdar Meanchey Oddor Meanchey 889991113
Than Chandara Trapeang Prasat, Trapeang Prasat, Otdar Meanchey Oddor Meanchey 972222446
Chhourm Chenda Trapeang Prasat, Trapeang Prasat, Otdar Meanchey Oddor Meanchey 0886968777
Rithy Khoun Kouk Mon, Banteay Ampil, Otdar Meanchey Oddor Meanchey 0886968777
Sien chanpolett Chbar Ampov Muoy, Mean Chey, Phnom Penh City Phnom Penh 0887711111
Theng Song Chhe Chaom Chau, Dangkao, Phnom Penh City Phnom Penh 0887570743
Sin Chanthoeurn (Hello) Chaom Chau, Dangkao, Phnom Penh City Phnom Penh 0889109101
KIM SARATH Preaek Khsay Kha, Peam Ro, Prey Veng province Prey Veng 0979010111
eun sarin Svay Phluoh, Peam Chor, Prey Veng province Prey Veng 0973890168
CHHUON DALA Svay Antor, Prey Veaeng, Prey Veng province Prey Veng 887227333
MAO KHA Prasat, Kampong Trabaek, Prey Veng province Prey Veng 0978925168
chea chhay Preaek Changkran, Sithor Kandal, Prey Veng province Prey Veng 0718282168
lim lina Ta Kao, Kampong Leav, Prey Veng province Prey Veng 0979006558
Chhun sothea Chi Phok, Me Sang, Prey Veng province Prey Veng 0978992999
Toch lan Chheu Kach, Ba Phnum, Prey Veng province Prey Veng 0888800400
Khut Veasna Angkor Reach, Preah Sdach, Prey Veng province Prey Veng 315000053
Oeurn Phors Kranhung, Kamchay Mear, Prey Veng province Prey Veng 0979009909
SOTH VUTHY Thma Pun, Kanhchriech, Prey Veng province Prey Veng 714415411
Phoeung Vary Kuleaen Tboung, Kuleaen, Preah Vihear Preah Vihear 0977046667
Houy Sary Chamraeun, Sangkom Thmei, Preah Vihear Preah Vihear 0975663333
Rin Bora Kantuot, Choam Ksan, Preah Vihear Preah Vihear 0318454567
HEANG TITHYA Pramaoy, Veal Veaeng, Pursat Pursat 888886647
NHEA MENG HAK KANDIENG, Kandieng, Pursat Pursat 972704097
KHIEV SOPHARY Leach, Phnum Kravanh, Pursat Pursat 975968168
NGOV MOUY ENG ANLONG THNOUT, Krakor, Pursat Pursat 0526666028
Leang Lay KAM PONG LUONG, Krakor, Pursat Pursat 0716668168
King Star(Ny Houn) PHTEAH PREY, Sampov Meas, Pursat Pursat 0979983666
OEURNG NAISENG BOENG KNAR, Bakan, Pursat Pursat 0715342224
SIN SNORNG Chey Otdam, Lumphat, Ratanak Kiri Rattannakiri 0889088002
AN OTDAM Laming, Bar Kaev, Ratanak Kiri Rattannakiri 0973783388
SON KININ Lum Choar, Ou Ya Dav, Ratanak Kiri Rattannakiri 0978541111
CHANG LIB CHHY Ban Pong, Veun Sai, Ratanak Kiri Rattannakiri 0887666646
NAI NEANG Trapeang Chres, Koun Mom, Ratanak Kiri Rattannakiri 0974048000
Chao Sipo Sla Kram, Siem Reap, Siem Reap Siem Reap 0979555277
Leang Huy Kampong Kdei, Chi Kraeng, Siem Reap Siem Reap 0978478999
YOEUN KIN Chrouy Neang Nguon, Srei Snam, Siem Reap Siem Reap 0712993399
SREY CHOMRERN Kampong Thkov, Kralanh, Siem Reap Siem Reap 0979888778
Noy sopheak Svay Leu, Svay Leu, Siem Reap Siem Reap 090350350
Phech Srey Toch Peak Snaeng, Angkor Thum, Siem Reap Siem Reap 0882785626
chy ratha Dam Daek, Sot Nikom, Siem Reap Siem Reap 0888313631
Ly Kimkhun Srae Nouy, Varin, Siem Reap Siem Reap 976194444
BOU SAK Char Chhuk, Angkor Chum, Siem Reap Siem Reap 0888577522
visoth sreyla Puok, Puok, Siem Reap Siem Reap 0886666330
Meng kimhong Roluos, Prasat Bakong, Siem Reap Siem Reap 0715347799
MOL BUNTHA Khnar Sanday, Banteay Srei, Siem Reap Siem Reap 0717779666
SRENG SOTHEA Kampong Seila, Kampong Seila, Krong Preah Sihanouk Sihanoukville 7166203333
sam samnith Tumnob Rolok, Stueng Hav, Krong Preah Sihanouk Sihanoukville 0886688221
Vor Laty Monourom, Thpong, Kampong Speu Kampong Spue 0315555450
Taing Mao Pheari Mean Chey, Basedth, Kampong Speu Kampong Spue 256666777
Oeng Kimsruoy (shop) Traeng Trayueng, Phnum Sruoch, Kampong Speu Kampong Spue 0977368168
Pho Phong Sangkae Satob, Aoral, Kampong Speu Kampong Spue 974688884
ouch oun Veang Chas, Odongk, Kampong Speu Kampong Spue 312399788
heng sophanut Khsem Khsan, Odongk, Kampong Speu Kampong Spue 715966565
lim ley Veang Chas, Odongk, Kampong Speu Kampong Spue 977791312
Moeurng Viyda Srae Krasang, Siem Bouk, Stung Treng Stung Treng 0974769888
LOUN BONA Sekong, Siem Pang, Stung Treng Stung Treng 0974777708
PHENG MINEA Thala Borivath, Thala Barivat, Stung Treng Stung Treng 0889782121
Chea Chanthoeurn Kbal Romeas, Sesan, Stung Treng Stung Treng 0716676699
chin saly svay chrum Svay Chrum, Svay Chrum, Svay Rieng Svay Rieng 0979236168
Khiev Chea Svay Chrum, Svay Chrum, Svay Rieng Svay Rieng 978185928
kev saroeun kampong rou Nhor, Kampong Rou, Svay Rieng Svay Rieng 0979899506
Ros Sina Prasout, Svay Teab, Svay Rieng Svay Rieng 0979937747
Chea Sary Angk Prasrae, Romeas Haek, Svay Rieng Svay Rieng 0714302222
Koy Sotheara Rumduo Chak, Rumduol, Svay Rieng Svay Rieng 0715282817
ly maan hin Smaong, Treang, Takeo Takeo 67676667
ney  nit Trapeang Sab, Bati, Takeo Takeo 60300777
KIM HAN Prey Kabbas, Prey Kabbas, Takeo Takeo 0979567888
sok chhim Preah Bat Choan Chum, Kiri Vong, Takeo Takeo 887333373
PIM KOEMCHHORN Romenh, Koh Andaet, Takeo Takeo 887777773
MEAS BUNTHA Bourei Cholsar, Bourei Cholsar, Takeo Takeo 978780499
CHHEL KEO Prey Lvea, Prey Kabbas, Takeo Takeo 0326666655
LENG THOK Samraong, Samraong, Takeo Takeo 0978008177
Hong Huo Ang Ta Saom, Tram Kak, Takeo Takeo 714040406
chhit seyha Tram Kak, Tram Kak, Takeo Takeo 0978898688
KUY VANNY Prey Phdau, Prey Kabbas, Takeo Takeo 090944000
SOK VICHET Prey Yuthka, Koh Andaet, Takeo Takeo 0975437773
sambath channarith Char, Prey Kabbas, Takeo Takeo 977234565
Soeung Vutha Angkanh, Prey Kabbas, Takeo Takeo 979393893
LIM KIMSROY Treal, Baray, Kampong Thom Kampong Thom 0978757676
Lim Sotheara Ballangk, Baray, Kampong Thom Kampong Thom 0885666168
Mang long Tang Krasang, Santuk, Kampong Thom Kampong Thom 060679222
PAL KIMHOK Kampong Chen Cheung, Stoung, Kampong Thom Kampong Thom 977944990
som sok him Sambour, Prasat Sambour, Kampong Thom Kampong Thom 717687666
Hoa Sokheng San Kor, Kampong Svay, Kampong Thom Kampong Thom 979387468
prak sopheara Tum Ring, Sandan, Kampong Thom Kampong Thom 0974444724