Instead of using Customer Care Centre, you may also find below the frequently asked questions about Metfone’s products and services.

What is our email?

Customers can send email to info_customercare@metfone.com.kh or pr.vtc@metfone.com.kh to leave your inquiries or proposals

How can I check my subscriber profile?

To check your subscriber profile, please dial *1202# or visit website https://info.metfone.com.kh/ or CamID application

If my subscriber profile is incorrect, what should I do?

Please register/update your subscriber profile.

Why do I need to update my subscriber profile?

Because Cambodian laws and regulations require everyone within Cambodia to have a registered subscriber profile, and it's easy to register/change SIM in case you lose it.

How can I register/update my subscriber profile ?

To register/update your subscriber profile please visit website https://info.metfone.com.kh or CamID application or go to the nearest Dealer/Sale point or Metfone store.

What are the required documents to regsiter/update my subscriber profile ?

You need to bring a valid identification document, as below:

For Cambodian:

  • Cambodian Identify card or passport
  • Monk ID
  • Army ID
  • Police ID

For Foreigner:

  • Passport and visa card.

Can I update my subscriber profile by myself ?

Yes, you can. Please visit website https://info.metfone.com.kh or CamID application to register/ update your subscriber profile.

How do I register via https://info.metfone.com.kh?

Go to our User guide for the registration process.

How long will it take for my profile to be updated to my number?

We are using digital technology to detect and verify your information. In case without the correction from you on the process, your profile will be updated immediately. Opposite sense, your profile will be updated within one working day of the request being submitted.

How do I top-up my account while I am roaming?

In an effort to afford you every facility to make the prepaid roaming as seamless as possible, Metfone provides numerous options for recharging your account:

-   Topup with sufficient credit before you leave your country

-  Purchase your scratch card while in Cambodia and top-up while abroad as usual (Dial *197*digit scratch card code#)

-   Top-up via eMoney service

What is eMoney?

This is a service offered jointly by MetFone and MB bank. It allows mobile subscribers to make financial transactions from their MB card/current account via their mobile phones. The service has two key parts: an eMoney/FMC card account and mobile banking through that account.

Using eMoney, you can: 

  • Deposit money in an account
  • Withdraw money
  • Transfer money (eMoney to eMoney, eMoney to Non-eMoney and Non-eMoney to Non-eMoney customer)
  • Top up
  • Pay bills
  • Make account inquiries 

How to activate a new SIM card?

Simply insert your newly purchased SIM card into your phone and call any number. Your new SIM card will be activated as soon as the call is made.

How to configure the internet setting on the phone

To get automatic internet configuration sent to you phone, send SET to 234 or you can set it manually using these parameters:

  • Name: metfone
  • APN: metfone  


To check if your SIM card has a profile, dial *200#  and select number 1 to reply

If you do not have a profile or your profile is incorrect/incomplete, please dial *200#  and select number2 to reply and follow the instruction /or go to  Metfone S howroom /or register/update here 

What do you need to bring along when you visit a Metfone Showroom to register?

You need to bring along your documents and phone number (SIM) in order to perform profile update.

  • The documents include:

o   Cambodian nationals: Cambodian ID or passport;

o   Foreign nationals: passport only.

  • Monk ID or Government agency ID can be used but it must have the following:

o   a photo,

o   First Name,

o   Last Name,

o   Unique ID Number

o   In the case of Government agency ID, it must also have Ministry Name & Ministry Stamp.

How to access to all mobile internet services of Metfone?

Dial *133# and select 1  then follow the instructions 

Do I need a bank account to access eMoney service?

No. Anybone with a mobile device and an active MetFone Simcard can use this service by registering an eMoney account. You do not need to have a bank account. 

Will there be a special way to check my balance while roaming?

Simply press *097# and send as usual and you will be given a balance update on the screen of your phone.

How to know my own number?

Dial *99#  to know your own number

What will happen if my balance is too low to make/receive a call?

If your balance is below the required amount for making a call and you try to call someone, you will hear a "low balance" tone and the call will not go through, once you top-up again, you will regain the services of you phone. If someone tries to call you while your balance is too low, the call will not be connected.

Do I need a minimum amount in my eMoney account to maintain the service?

No. eMoney users are not required to save a single penny in their account to maintain the service.

How to register the Limited Mobile Internet Package?

Internet Packages Name Fee Data Volumne To register
Daily MID 10 cents 100MB Dial*133*1*1#
Monthly MID1 1 USD 500MB Dial*133*1#
MID2 2 USD 1.2GB Dial*133*2#
MID3 3 USD 2GB Dial*133*1*3#
MI 5 5 USD 4GB Dial*133*5#
MI 10 10 USD 8.5GB Dial*133*10#
MI 20 20 USD 20GB Dial*133*20#

How to change the default language?

Dial 1770  and select 411 for Khmer or 421 for English

How to know if my number is registered with a profile or not?

You can also check profile by dialing  *200#  and select number 1 to reply.

o   If no profile: Please register through http://metfone.com.kh/mymetfone or go to the nearest Metfone Showroom/ or dial *200#  and select number 2 to reply and follow the instruction

o   If profile exists: If incorrect/incomplete, please go to the nearest Metfone Showroom. Locations and schedule can be found on the Metfone website (http://metfone.com.kh).

How to check my SIM card profile?

Dial *200# and select number 1 to reply

If I have any questions or problems, how do I contact customer care?

 If you need to contact customer care while roaming abroad, you may use any of the following medium:

-  Email: contact@metfone.com.kh

-  Phone: + 855979097097

-  Chat with us via Facebook:  /metfone.closer    

How to give Limited Mobile Internet Package to other subscriber?

Internet Packages Name Fee Data Volumne To register
Daily MID 10 cents 100MB Dial*133*phone number*1*1#
Monthly MID1 1 USD 500MB Dial*133*phone number*1#
MID2 2 USD 1.2GB Dial*133*phone number*2#
MID3 3 USD 2GB Dial*133*phone number*1*3#
MI 5 5 USD 4GB Dial*133*phone number*5#
MI 10 10 USD 8.5GB Dial*133*phone number*10#
MI 20 20 USD 20GB Dial*133*phone number*20#

How to share Data Volume with other subcriber?

Dial *133*Receive Number*Data Volume#

Exemple: *133*0885802674*100# (It’ mean that you send 100MB to subscriber 0885802674)

Note: You can share data 5 times per day and 100MB each times. A 1 cent service fee will be charged to your basic account for each sharing transactions.

Do I have to pay service or registration fees for an eMoney account?

No. Opening and maintaining an eMoney account is free. There are no service or registration fees. An eMoney account is accessible by dialing the short code *868# (free of charge). You are charged only when you make transactions. 

Which mobile phone should be adaptable?

When using International Roaming Service (IRS), you should use mobile devices with adaptable specifications (new model mobile phones that support this technology) to be able to use the services. Typically, the standard service bands are as follow:

-   Europe: 900/1800 GSM Band

-   U.S. and Canada: 850/1900 GSM Band

-   Japan and South Korea: WCDMA (3G) Band

How to control usage, avoid unwanted high roaming fee?

Roaming service charges are much higher than domestic charges, so you should control usage to avoid high charges incurred by the following methods:

-   Actively control outgoing calls; only receive calls in case of necessity. (Note: You cannot make calls or send SMS to services that use abbreviated numbers, for example: 1777, 1772 …)

-   Using SMS is much lower rate than voice call.

-   Checking the Data services usage such as GPRS, Push Mail: Push Mail service charge while Roaming will be based on Data Roaming tariff of visited networks.

How to register the Unlimited Mobile Internet Package?

Internet Packages Name Fee Data Volumne To register
Daily MIUD 20 cents 200MB Dial*133*1*1#
Weekly MIUW 1.5 USD 1.5 GB Dial*133*150#
Monthly MIU 3 USD 2 GB Dial*133*4#
MIU5 5 USD 4 GB Dial*133*50#
MIU10 10 USD 8 GB Dial*133*100#

Can I open an eMoney account using my bank account?

Unfortunately, no. Our eMoney service is not designed to support your bank account.

What services are available with an eMoney account?

The following services are available: 

  • Withdrawing money
  • Depositing money
  • Transferring money
  • Paying bills
  • Topping up your MetFone airtime
  • Making account inquiries 

If losing SIM when going abroad, what should I do to inform Metfone Operator?

In case of losing SIM card when going abroad, you should dial the hotline of Metfone Customer Care Centre: +855979097097 (charged as international call to Cambodia) for immediate assistance: blocking lost SIM services to prevent unwanted arisen fee.

Note: Currently, the foreign partners’ mobile network partner do not support to dial short numbers 1777 of Metfone Customer Care Centre.

How to give Unlimited Mobile Internet Package to other subcriber?

Internet Packages Name Fee Data Volumne To give
Daily MIUD 20 cents 200MB Dial*133*phone number*2*1#
Weekly MIUW 1.5 USD 1.5 GB Dial*133*phone number*2*2#
Monthly MIU 3 USD 2 GB Dial*133*phone number*2*3#
MIU5 5 USD 4 GB Dial*133*phone number*2*4#
MIU10 10 USD 8 GB Dial*133*phone number*2*5#

How to buy more data with High Speed?

Internet Packages Name Fee Data Volumne To register
Add on data MAX50 50 cents 250 MB Dial*133*3#
MAX1 1 USD 600 MB Dial*133*9#

If a subscriber in Cambodia calls me when I am roaming overseas, will that person have to pay charge for international call?

In this case, the person who calls you does not have to pay international call fee, he/she will be charged at the same rate as you are still in Cambodia.

What are the advantages of using eMoney compared to other money transfer services?

  • eMoney is cheaper than traditional transfer services.
  • The risk of theft and physical aggression linked to carrying cash is reduced.
  • You save time and transportation costs to make transactions. 
  • You can transfer small amounts.
  • If sending money you will receive confirmation that the recipient has received what you sent. 
  • You have greater access to functions and services, such as transferring money to people who do not have MetFone eMoney accounts.

What are the additional services benefits of using eMoney?

  • Airtime purchase (top up) 
  • Keep your money safe at all times (24/7)
  • Withdraw money according to your needs
  • Re-transfer money easily and quickly 
  • Tracking transactions from your mobile phone 
  • Transfer money to people who do not have eMoney accounts

How can I check my balance when I am roaming abroad? How can I refill my balance when I am roaming abroad?

You can check your main account by dialing *097# as when you’re in Cambodia.

When your main account is out of money, you should top it up to be able to continue using roaming services. You can recharge your account as you are in Cambodia (directly with a voucher).

How to register the Free LINE and Facebook?

Internet Packages Name Fee LINE & Facbook To register
Daily SCAD 5 cents Unlimited Dial*133*6#
Monthly SCAM 1 USD Unlimited Dial*133*8#

How to give the Free LINE and Facebook to other subscriber number?

Internet Packages Name Fee LINE & Facbook To give
Daily SCAD 5 cents Unlimited Dial*133*phone number*3*1#
Monthly SCAM 1 USD Unlimited Dial*133*phone number*3*2#

When roaming abroad, could I still use value-added services such as Imuzik, MCA, Call me back, I share………?

When roaming abroad, you will not able to use any value-added services. When coming back to Cambodia, you can continue using these services.

How can I register for the eMoney service?

You can do this in two ways. Either in person at your nearest authorized MetFone eMoney agent, which includes a fee, or by dialing *868#m which has no fee. ­­­­­­

Do I need to change my MetFone SIM card to access eMoney?

No. You can use any MetFone SIM card to access the service. 

How to change the current package to other package?

Dial  *115#   and chose the package you want to change

May I register the Roaming Service in foreign countries or must register in Cambodia?

When go abroad, you cannot register roaming service via SMS, so please register roaming service while you are in Cambodia. For postpaid, you can register at any Metfone Showroom, and for prepaid, please register via SMS. 


  • After registering roaming service, you should re-start your phone to use service.
  • Once registering via Customer Care Center, you should provide correct and full required information of registered subscriber.

How to register the Unlimited Facebook?

Internet Packages Fee Facbook To Register
1 Daily 2 cents Unlimited Dial*133*61#
2 Monthly 50 cents Unlimited Dial*133*81#

My Prepaid Account balance is not running out, why couldn’t I call or message when going abroad?

According to regulation, the arisen roaming service fee is charged directly to main account. If the main account is not enough to make/receive a call or send SMS (according to roaming tariff of Metfone in www.metfone.com.kh), you will not be able to make any calls or sending messages. However you can still receive SMS because Metfone does not charge for receiving messages.

For smooth connection, you should recharge your account to continue using roaming service.

Is there a minimum amount for topping up?

A scratch card can be purchased for as little as 50 cents, while the minimum top up for Anypay is 25 cents and the minimum for eMoney is $1. 

Do I need a special mobile to access eMoney?

No. Any phone that allows transactions in US dollars can be used to access eMoney.

Does the service work with a SIM card from another mobile network operator?

Yes. Customers can transfer money to people who do not use our eMoney service. They can withdraw money that has been transferred to them from any authorized eMoney agent. All they need is the private code sent from the eMoney user.

What should I do if my phone is lost or stolen?

If your phone is lost or stolen report it immediately to MetFone. Contact us at 0977 097 097 or 1777 via MetFone mobile and we will immediately suspend service to your number. This prevents you from incurring any charges for calls made after you report that your phone has been lost or stolen.

When there are promotional programs of Metfone (eg: 50% value added) and I top-up account while using roaming abroad, may I participate in the promotional programs?

If you meet all the conditions of promotion, you can enjoy all promotional programs as usual.

After toping up, you will receive notify message or you can check your account by dialing *097# send.


  • Promotion amount will be transferred to your promotional account and you can just use this account when you are in Cambodia because roaming fee is only charged to main account.
  • The promotional programs (for example call minutes, SMS, data…) will only be applied when you are in Cambodia. When you are roaming, you will be charged according to Metfone’s roaming tariff. 

How to share the data balance to other subcriber?

Dial *133*Receive Number*Data Volume#

I am going on business trip in Thailand and have known that Metfone has opened roaming service for prepaid subscribers with 2 mobile networks: AIS and TrueMove. Which one should I choose to enjoy a lower charge?

Currently, the roaming service Charge for prepaid subscribers is defined for each country. Therefore, you can choose any network in that country as they all have the same rates.

Does the eMoney service have an application for smart phones?

Yes. eMoney has applications for Android and iOS phones. If the phones can connect to the internet they can use our eMoney service.

How can I download the eMoney application?

I have roamed to foreign mobile network (where Metfone supports only receive calls and send / receive SMS), but I cannot receive any calls and SMS, what should I do?

You can restart your mobile device for re-updating your current location and other supported services for your SIM card.

How to give the data plan to other subcriber?

Dial *133# and select 2  then follow the instructions

Is there a data only SIM card?

Yes, if you’ve got an iPad, we have got the iPad Data Plan to suit you. You’ll get all the freedom of using the internet on the go, with the great Data Plan prices that everyone’s come to expect from Ipad SIM card

How can I access the eMoney application?

  • You need an internet connection (3G, 4G LTE or wi-fi) to access the eMoney application.
  • If you use 3G or 4G LTE with your own eMoney number the system logs in automatically.

Do I have to go to a showroom or authorized eMoney agent I registered at to make eMoney transactions (cash deposits or withdrawals)?

No. Once your eMoney account is active, you can perform transactions at any authorized eMoney agent (cash deposits or withdrawals). You can also make transactions 24/7 on your mobile device, including cash transfers, top ups and bill payment. 

Where can I find an authorized eMoney agent?

MetFone subscribers can dial *868*123#. You can also call the hotline 24 hours, seven days a week by dialing 868 (if you are a MetFone subscriber) or 0236868868. Dialing the number is free for MetFone subscribers.​

How can I become an authorized eMoney agent?

You can apply through the eMoney department, which has designated executives to oversee every province. You can also call the hotline center 24/7 by dialing 868 (if you are a MetFone subscriber) or 0236868868. Dialing the number is free for MetFone subscribers.

What are the fees for eMoney transactions?

  • The fees can be found at http://www.MetFone.com.kh/emoney_en/ or you can call the hotline center 24/7 by dialing 868 (if you are a MetFone subscriber) or 0236868868. Dialing the number is free for MetFone subscribers.

What do I do if I make a mistake while transferring the money?

Simply report any problem by calling the hotline center. It can be reached round the clock seven days a week. Dial 868 or call 0236868868. Dialing the number is free for MetFone subscribers.

I just made a transfer to my mother, but it did not go through! What should I do?

First, check to see whether you have exceeded the amount in your account or inserted the wrong information during the transaction. If you had enough money in your account and you entered the correct information then call our hotline. It operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Dial 868 or call 0236868868. Dialing the number is free for MetFone subscribers.​

What happens if I do not receive a confirmation SMS after a transaction?

First, check your balance by dialing *868# and choosing option 5. If you notice any abnormality, call the hotline center by dialing 868 or 0236.868.868.​

I sent money to someone who says he/she has not received it. What should I do?

First, check your account balance by dialing *868# and choosing option 5. Next, check that the money was transferred to the correct number. If the transaction was done properly then call the hotline (868 or 0236868868) for support.​

What should I do if I lose my SIM card?

If you lose your SIM card, please call the hotline (868 or 0236868868) for immediate support. Ask for your account to be blocked. After doing this you can get a new SIM card at a MetFone showroom. Your PIN code and balance will remain unchanged. Your eMoney account is protected at all times by your PIN code to prevent fraud. Please be careful not to share your PIN code. Keep it confidential. It your sole responsibility to keep your PIN code private. ​

Is my money safe?

Yes. Your eMoney account is managed by a platform hosted in the secured network of MetFone. It is accessible from your mobile only. Transactions can only be done after they are validated with your eMoney secret code. Moreover, systemic controls and checks are performed regularly by the National Bank of Cambodia and by our partner MB Bank. 

What happens if there are technical problems on the eMoney network?

Our eMoney service has the same technical constraints as any other MetFone service. However, we have contingency plans in effect to minimize service interruption should this occur. 

How many times can I change my PIN code?

As many times as you wish. 

How can I become an authorized eMoney agent?


You should have a stable business located on a major road or in a busy area, like a market, or near factories, universities and business areas. If you do not own the building your business is in you will need to provide a rental agreement that is longer than one year. Your business does not have to be large. It could be a gold, money exchange or phone  shops.

It is also vital that you have the appropriate skills and attitude to provide eMoney service to customers. For more details, please contact the earest MetFone eMoney branch in your province or call the hotline center by dialing 868 (if you are a MetFone subscriber) or 0236868868. Dialing the number is free for MetFone subscribers.