Sim Registration


Instead of using Customer Care Centre, you may also find below the frequently asked questions about Metfone’s products and services.


To check if your SIM card has a profile, dial *1202#  and select number 1 to reply

If you do not have a profile or your profile is incorrect/incomplete, please dial *1202#  and select number 2 to reply and follow the instruction /or go to  Metfone S howroom /or register/update here 

What do you need to bring along when you visit a Metfone Showroom to register?

You need to bring along your documents and phone number (SIM) in order to perform profile update.

  • The documents include:

o   Cambodian nationals: Cambodian ID or passport;

o   Foreign nationals: passport only.

  • Monk ID or Government agency ID can be used but it must have the following:

o   a photo,

o   First Name,

o   Last Name,

o   Unique ID Number

o   In the case of Government agency ID, it must also have Ministry Name & Ministry Stamp.

How to know if my number is registered with a profile or not?

You can also check profile by dialing  *1202#  and select number 1 to reply.

o   If no profile: Please register through or go to the nearest Metfone Showroom/ or dial *1202#  and select number 2 to reply and follow the instruction

o   If profile exists: If incorrect/incomplete, please go to the nearest Metfone Showroom. Locations and schedule can be found on the Metfone website (

How to check my SIM card profile?

Dial *1202# and select number 1 to reply