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Instead of using Customer Care Centre, you may also find below the frequently asked questions about Metfone’s products and services.

How can I check my subscriber profile?

To check your subscriber profile, please dial *1202# or visit website or CamID application

If my subscriber profile is incorrect, what should I do?

Please register/update your subscriber profile.

Why do I need to update my subscriber profile?

Because Cambodian laws and regulations require everyone within Cambodia to have a registered subscriber profile, and it's easy to register/change SIM in case you lose it.

How can I register/update my subscriber profile ?

To register/update your subscriber profile please visit website or CamID application or go to the nearest Dealer/Sale point or Metfone store.

What are the required documents to regsiter/update my subscriber profile ?

You need to bring a valid identification document, as below:

For Cambodian:

  • Cambodian Identify card or passport
  • Monk ID
  • Army ID
  • Police ID

For Foreigner:

  • Passport and visa card.

Can I update my subscriber profile by myself ?

Yes, you can. Please visit website or CamID application to register/ update your subscriber profile.

How do I register via

Go to our User guide for the registration process.

How long will it take for my profile to be updated to my number?

We are using digital technology to detect and verify your information. In case without the correction from you on the process, your profile will be updated immediately. Opposite sense, your profile will be updated within one working day of the request being submitted.

How to activate a new SIM card?

Simply insert your newly purchased SIM card into your phone and call any number. Your new SIM card will be activated as soon as the call is made.

How to know my own number?

Dial *99#  to know your own number

How to change the default language?

Dial 1770  and select 411 for Khmer or 421 for English

Is there a minimum amount for topping up?

A scratch card can be purchased for as little as 50 cents, while the minimum top up for Anypay is 25 cents and the minimum for eMoney is $1. 

What should I do if my phone is lost or stolen?

If your phone is lost or stolen report it immediately to MetFone. Contact us at 0977 097 097 or 1777 via MetFone mobile and we will immediately suspend service to your number. This prevents you from incurring any charges for calls made after you report that your phone has been lost or stolen.