About eMoney

 What is eMoney? 

This safe and convenient service – operated jointly by MetFone and MB Bank – provides secure banking and financial services to mobile subscribers. With eMoney you can send money to anyone, whether they have an eMoney account or not. Customers who don’t have an account will receive a secret code. To collect the money, they simply present the code to an agent. You can also top up mobile accounts and pay bills.



  • Safe, quick and easy to use
  • Pay anytime, anywhere
  • No need to use data from your Internet account
  • No need to install any software on your mobile device


  Goal of eMoney 

  • Provide a full array of financial services to customers, while creating added value for MetFone subscribers.
  • Manage financial transactions and settlements between “suppliers” and “buyers” on mobile, Web and point of sale (POS) platforms.
  • Combine our telecom and banking expertise to deliver international products and services to consumers in Cambodia.


  eMoney's Services  

  • Transferring money: eMoney allows you to send and receive money with or without an eMoney account.
  • Withdraw and deposit: eMoney allows you to withdraw or deposit money from your account at a MetFone Agent.
  • Phone top up: with eMoney prepaid mobile subscribers can top up their phones with a 5% discount.
  • Bill payment: the service allows postpaid customers to pay their phone bills.
  • Inquiries: eMoney allows account balances to be checked.
  • Change PIN codes: PIN codes can be quickly and easily changed.


  Customer Benefit    

  • Can be eMoney account user
  • Transfer money with 25 provinces and towns
  • Payment & ePayment ( Loan fee, School/tuition fee, Water & Electricity, Phone top-up,... )
  • Buy products online
  • Enjoy with a lot of promotion
  • Pleasure with all of Nationwide of agents
  • Minimize risk cash handling
  • Integrate Multi services
  • Save time
  • High security ( SMS notification )


  Agent Benefit  

  • Extra daily commission income
  • Free marketing material ( Base on company policy )
  • Free special number Metfone’s sim card
  • Free business consulting and training
  • $10 for internal Metfone network calling
  • Agent’s license
  • Annual party
  • Can get some Bonus (According to the policy & promotion)
  • Monthly prize awards (According to the policy & promotion)