Mascot Munny

Why Munny.

Have focused on investing in network for over 9 years, Metfone has become No 1 operator in terms of coverage and quality in Cambodia. Moreover, with desire to bring out a fresher, closer and friendlier image in which Metfone still keep its existing core values; Munny is chosen as the best choice to carry it out.

Mascot Munny is symbolized who Metfone are and initiated from Metfone logo. He has been helping Metfone for 9 years in Cambodia, guiding customers with their needs. Now he decided to go public. “Munny” in Khmer is a clever man, a person who knows everything. Munny also bears Metfone core values Caring – Innovator:

- Caring: it means to listen to and understand, help out each customer as separated individuals in order to provide tailored service that most come up to their demand. And it also mean to be responsible for the society responsibilities.

- Innovator: it means to pioneer in innovation and respect, honor every idea, no matter where it comes from for solving old and new issues in different and creative way, thereby, provide distinctive and personalized services and products to customers.


Munny characteristic

Munny is a “down – to – earth” man in Cambodia, it means he lives without any illusions and pretensions; practical and realistic to the core. He is a helpful, simple, familiar and closer friend. A true ‘boong’ to anyone.


  • A closer friend: he is even closer than your close friend. The big brother who always listens to and understands everybody.
  • A helpful man: He is ready and loves giving help, meaningful advices and joins social activities. He is eager and happy to help people from the smallest issues.
  • A clever humorous man: He’s a brilliant blend of characteristics. On the one hand he is wise and knowledgeable. On the other he is humorous and entertaining. This gives him universal inspiration to all making him a creative spokesman.
  • A simple man: he is not a talkative show-off, he only talks what he has as his appearance

Munny towards A young progressive life

Munny is a perfect connection between Metfone and customers. Munny plays the role of a closer, understanding friend who always listens to customer’s demands and know for sure what they really want and thereby, provide accurately “Everything you need”. He will help Metfone to contribute A progressive life for every person in Cambodia in a proactive and creative way.