Data Osja


Data Osja is a new weekly package of Metfone that have 3 choices for you to select:


Data Osja Data Osja Standard Data Osja Social Data Osja Entertainment & Games
Price $1/week (7 Days) $1.5/week (7 Days) $1.5/week (7 Days)
Benefits 5GB 5GB 5GB

Call & SMS (on-net)

500 min + 500 SMS 500 min + 500 SMS 500 min + 500 SMS
Extra data N/A 5GB (Facebook, Line, WeChat, WhatsApp) 5GB (YouTube, TikTok, MLBB, PUBG, CamID)

To Subscribe


*1535*2# *1535*3#



DataOsja Weekly and Monthly packages are new packages that offer more benefits for subscribers with much data, calls, and SMS. With these new packages, you will be more enjoy with your entertainment and connections with your family and friends. Please choose any packages below that you like to subscribe now! 



Data Osja Data Osja Weekly Data Osja Monthly Data Osja Monthly
Price $2/week (7 Days) $4/month (30 Days) $6/month (30 Days)
Benefits 10GB 20GB 40GB

Call & SMS (on-net)

1000 min + 1000 SMS 2000 min + 2000 SMS 5000 min + 4000 SMS
To Subscribe *1535*4# *1535*5# *1535*6#
Add-on Packages
Add-on Add-on25 Add-on50 Add-on100
Price $0.25 $0.50 $1
Benefits 1GB 3GB 6GB
Call & SMS (on-net) 50 min + 50 SMS 100 min + 100 SMS 200 min + 200 SMS

To Subscribe


*1535*50# *1535*11#



Terms and Conditions

  • All DataOsja Weekly and Monthly packages are Auto-renew
  • Subscribers can subscribe packages many times per day. The more you subscribe, the more benefits you receive
  • Subscribers can switch subscription from Weekly to Monthly package or from Monthly to Weekly package and system will accumulate data, minutes, and SMS for them.
  • Subscribers are eligible to subscribe Add-on packages unless their current DataOsja Weekly or Monthly package is active, and validity of add-on packages based on current validity of DataOsja Weekly or Monthly package.
  • To check data, minutes, and SMS volume, please dial *1535*097#