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Metfone Head Office

Job Description

- Cooperate to test, deploy and operate the system.
- Support partner in system connection/integration as well as supporting related units to check and find out errors/problem about software/hardware/network...
- Develop and carry out information security plans and policies
- Develop strategies to respond to and recover from a security breach
- Implement tools to assist in detection, prevention and analysis of security threats
- Awareness training of the workforce on information security standards, policies and best practices
- Implement protections, patching on Applications, Systems, and Devices.
- Installation and use of firewalls, data encryption and other security products and procedures
- Conduct periodic network scans to find any vulnerability
- Conduct penetration testing, simulating an attack on the system to find exploitable weaknesses
- Monitor networks and Systems for security breaches, through the use of software that detects intrusions and anomalous system behavior
- Investigate security breaches
- Lead incident response, including steps to minimize the impact and then conducting a technical and forensic investigation into how the breach happened and the extent of the damage

Requirement Details

- Have bachelor / engineer in IT, computer science or equivalent
- Have more 2 years of working experiences in the same position.
- Have good knowledge in Window Server and Open Sources Operating System (Linux Redhat, CentOS, Ubuntu...)
- Have good knowledge in security (domain controller, antivirus, iptables...)
- Have good knowledge in networking (configuration switch, Firewall, Load Banlancer, ...)
- Have experiences in working with database (Oracle, MySQL, SQL, PostgreSQL ...)
- Be proactive at work, good at teamwork
- Be flexible, honestly, hard-working, be able to work under pressure and high responsibility
- Be able to learn and research more about new technology
- Be fluent in English listening, speaking, reading and writing.
- Priority points (be nice to have):
+ Study & graduate the university in Vietnam
+ Be good at speaking, listening, reading and writing in Vietnamese.
+ Have ability Teamwork, careful, attention to detail, logical thinking and always want to develop themselves
+ Have knowledge, understanding or experience working on one of bank / finance / payment / e wallet field.


- Salary: Negotiation
- Competitive & Attractive salary
- 24/7 Accident Insurance
- NSSF Insurance
- Trade union
- Metfone Family Fund (Support Employee with difficult circumstances, help each other)
- Annual Leave, Public Holiday
- Gift (Some public holiday, Birthday,...)
- Annually Salary Increase.
- Working Days: Monday - Saturday (half-day)
- Working Hours: 8:00 - 17:30


- Email:, (Mr. Em Sokrom)
- Contact point: (855) 68 811 174/ 71 977 99 77


- Application

- CV

- Family book, ID card.

- Others certificate