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Lingo Bus provides online 1 on 1 and Classroom Immersive Chinese classes for children ages 4-15!

• Founded in 2017

• An online Chinese language education

• Provides high-quality Chinese education services for children (4-15)

• Have over 100,000 registered students worldwide

• To remove geographical restrictions to help children perceive  the world better



Our curriculum framework is structured and designed in accordance with ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) as well as YCT (Youth Chinese Test). Our language goals are designed to meet the 5 Cs (the five goals for language learning as identified by the National Standard for Language Learning and 21st Century Skills for World Languages )


Why is the Chinese Language so important for future generations?


China has rapidly developed into an economic powerhouse. Taking over the leading position on several markets and estimated the GDP of China will surpass America as the number one economy in the world in 2018.

Although China is currently mainly an export country, with the increasing economy, and the investments done abroad, China is rapidly taking center stage in the world. Because of this, Mandarin will become vital in the future to have an edge in finding employment for the new generation.

The U.S. Department of State recognizes Mandarin Chinese as a “critical language” for Americans.

In 2012, China became the second largest investor in research and development, behind the United States, and, for the first time, ahead of Japan.

American companies seek opportunities to connect with the 1.3 billion-person market represented by China. Tonal languages like Mandarin Chinese develop a bilateral network between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Mandarin Chinese is spoken by over 1 billion people around the world.

Mandarin Chinese is among the most used languages on the Internet.

Mandarin Chinese is a gateway to a rich culture with over 5,000 years of history.


Language immersion is growing as a community of language learners. Language immersion is guided by the pillars of dual language immersion educational philosophy.

Our language immersion program is designed to be used intentionally across language and cultural lines. This curriculum’s aim is to provide learners with the most effective approach to learning possible. Students experience core content instruction through an immersive format. As part of this content instruction, students acquire skills unique to the target language, with the overarching goal of developing student performance and proficiency over time. This means that Chinese learning is not the sole content of instruction itself, but rather it serves as the vehicle through which content knowledge and skills are accessed and engaged.


What are the benefits for the Children?

Learning Chinese can help students do better in school

Children who begin learning Chinese at a young age tend to do better in other subjects as well. As Chinese is a challenging language to master other subjects become easier by comparison and it not only improves student’s self-esteem but problem solving skills as well.

Chinese makes students stand out

With fierce competition to get into schools, one of the biggest challenges a child will face is to stand apart from the other applicants. High schools mostly focus on Spanish, French and sometimes German but most do not teach Chinese. Being able to offer a language which is rarely seen yet in high demand, distinguishes applicants during their education and career.

Learning Chinese reveals a lot about a person

The dedication it takes to learn Chinese makes a child unique, it will also open them up to other cultures and experiences. Learning a language requires an understanding and respect for the culture that cannot be taught any other way.

Learning Chinese opens doors

China is flourishing, because of that it offers many opportunities for someone who speaks the language. Kids who learn Chinese today are setting themselves up to take advantage of these opportunities in the future.



How Lingo Bus maximizes your children’s Chinese language learning potential?


  • Each Lingo Bus class is designed around an integrated teaching-learning system that contains not only a 25-minute 1-on-1 class, but also engaging preview videos and review materials. Together, these comprise a learning cycle through which students have maximum exposure to the target language, Mandarin Chinese. This model also significantly increases active learning time by engaging students before and after each class.
  • We also provide a variety of supplementary extracurricular materials to guide students self-study. These include flash cards  for lesson vocabulary,audio book for lesson sentences; an activity-based workbook for each unit, coloring books and character animations for characters practicing, online library for reading, and more. Your kids will never get bored learning Chinese with Lingo Bus!


  • Assessment, too, is crucial for effective learning. Our comprehensive student-centered evaluation system includes personalized feedback after every class as well as periodic progress reports. Through this system, we ensure that your kids are always moving forward.



Who is teaching the class?


Lingo Bus has a team of professional Chinese teachers who have attended esteemed universities such as Peking University, Beijing Language and Culture University, the University of Toronto, and others.


More than 50% of our teachers have a Master's degree or higher, and 80% of our teachers majored in Chinese International Education, Chinese Language and Literature. All of our teachers have rich Chinese-language teaching experience.


More than 85% of our teachers have overseas teaching experience, and they are skilled at adjusting their teaching style to meet the needs and personalities of each learner. They know how to engage students to keep learning fun and to keep kids interested.


What program does Lingo Bus use to ensure quality teaching online?


• Interactive online platform - Students can draw, type, and interact visually withteachers through our custom made online platform.

• Convenient - Students only need access to an internet browser on PC/Mac or an iPad! This makes it easy to attend classes with no complicated setup process involved.

• Stable and fast - Lingo Bus has purchased traffic data on the trans-Pacific data cable to ensure our classes run fluently and smooth. All classes should run at high speeds and have less than 200ms ping.

• Flexible - Easy scheduling, Parents book the class time that works for them and their children. A Flexible schedule combined with fast and easy booking makes it easy to fit learning around almost any schedule a student has.


Why is Lingo Bus so effective?


100% Immersive program: We believe that for ages 5-12, the immersion method is the most effective process for learning a foreign language. Children are the most receptive to this learning process, and the complete immersion approach of our curriculum will ensure that their learning is more comprehensive and rapid than other methods. Studies have shown that students who study a foreign language in school, especially those who start in elementary school, tend to receive higher standardized test scores than students who have not studied a foreign language in school. Students who study foreign languages also tend to have increased mental capabilities such as creativity and higher order thinking skills (see Cognitive advantages of bilingualism), and have advantages in the workplace as employers are increasingly seeking workers with knowledge of different languages and cultures. Bilingual immersion programs are intended to foster proficiency or fluency in multiple languages and therefore maximize these benefits. Even cases in which fluency in the desired language is not fully attained, bilingual immersion programs provide a strong foundation for fluency later in life and help students gain appreciation of languages and cultures that are not their own.


Interdisciplinary themes: Each phase of the curriculum is designed with interdisciplinary themes to promote students’ curiosity for the Chinese language and promotes multi-culture exploration, with the goal to develop and enhance their multiple areas of intelligences and learning styles.