Reward for Great Employees of Metfone - Attending the World’s Largest Mobile Congress

07 Aug, 2019

After 4 days of the Congress, the outstanding employees of Metfone have experienced the most advanced technologies in this event.


Viettel Group’s Delegates from markets around the world attending Mobile World Congress.

By making efforts to achieve outstanding achievements at work, these employees were rewarded with an excursion for studying in Barcelona - the world's largest exhibition on telecommunications. Accordingly, the entire cost of this trip will be sponsored by the Company, including: airfare, meals, hotels and travel expenses in Barcelona. The total value is up to nearly 5,000 USD/person. This reward policy is annually implemented by Viettel - the largest telecommunications group in Vietnam and the parent company of Metfone in order to encourage all employees in all countries with Viettel Group’s Branches. There will be two excellent employees from each subsidiary to attend the congress. Regardless of position, field of activity, all employees have the opportunity to be awarded fairly with their outstanding achievements or positive contributions for the Company's development. These are typical employees, representing the creativity, thinking of continuous improvement in work and always put the Company's interests ahead of personal interests with the goal of bringing the Company to the top 1 in markets.

Mr. Hoeung Kuch Chandara, from Metfone has shared about this reward policy "This is a great policy; I have never met any companies in Cambodia with such a good policy". Mr. Dara has made great contributions to the Company such as taking the responsibility of Vice Director of Technical Center and Trade Union in Metfone”.

Mr. Hoeung Kuch Chandara with all the deligates from Cambodia at the Viettel Booth in MWC 2019


Mr. Richard, from Bitel (Peru) said “This policy is truly amazing as recognition of our daily efforts at work by upgrading our own qualifications”. Richard is an excellent Branch Manager with many contributions to Bitel from the beginning. In 2018, he developed nearly 300 thousand subscribers for the branch, a total of 15 agents and the number of basic stations increased by 200% compared to 2017.

 “I am really excited because I have experienced many new technologies here (MWC2019); especially the booths of Google, Nokia, Oracle, Docomo and so on”. Mr. Newman, CEO of Covalina Center from Telemor (Timor Leste) said. For 6 consecutive months, thanks to his management, the Center has maintained the No. 1 position in revenue, achieving the best results out of 13 Telemor Business Centers.

This righteous reward policy is not only to encourage employees' working spirit in the coming year, but also to improve their professional qualifications.


Information Box:

Metfone is a subsidiary of Viettel Group, one of the telecom enterprises with the world's largest number of customers. Viettel Group is now the largest telecommunications service provider in Vietnam. The Group's scale of investment, operations and business expands in 13 countries, including Asia, America and Africa, with a market size of 270 million people. Currently, Viettel Group is operating in the following countries: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, East Timor, Myanmar, Mozambique, Burundi, Tanzania, Cameroon, Haiti, Peru, Russia and France. In addition to telecommunications business, Viettel also participates in the field of high-tech manufacturing research and a number of other sectors such as postage, construction and installation, trade and im-export.